The 10 Steps Welcome

The 10 Steps videos are private and exclusive to this site. They will take a few moments to load. Take a moment to breathe and settle your mind


Welcome to the ten steps to improve your life living with anxiety and depression, I’m glad you’re here. There is a lot to learn and share so let’s get started.

The following videos are based on my experiences and I would like you to try them. I don’t want you to watch them all in one day as they took me 15 years of depression and anxiety to learn.

Just watch one and then go and act on it. Ideally one per week is how I see it being the best as it gives you time to think it over and to do it, before you go to the next one.

Each step has a support document to print out and use for the week,   this will improve the value of the step and help you to get the most out of it.

Slowdown and don’t rush, this website and me are here for you and I want you to get the best experience you can.

So go on to step 1 and then go and do it for the next week. Come back when you’re ready for the next step  everything will still be here for you.